About Us


About Us

Smart Buy was established more than 13 years ago with heavy equipment as its primary source of business. Today, a diversified organization, Smart Buy brings to you high quality products and top notch service combined with a commitment to help create long lasting relationships. With a team of dedicated professionals and years of experience our diverse portfolio enables to meet the high demands of international markets, forging strong client loyalty and exploring new horizons.

Mission Statement

To provide superior services and top quality products, which is why we believe in SMART BUY…. Smart options for customers and for us. Creating a circle of trust and loyalty

Vision Statement

“To strategically implement the 3 core values for sustainable growth locally and internationally:

Pride –  we take pride in our work and in our knowledge of what we do.

Adaptable – What makes us special is the fact that we have a keen eye for potential business that enables us to create new avenues and broaden our horizon.

Professional – At Smart Buy, we have a team of dedicated Professionals who combine expertise with astute business sense to create a successful venture.

Our Global Presence


At Smart Buy, sustainability is our pledge to be a part of creating a better world. Sustainability is part of who we are and what we do, to return back to the society and this world as a part of our responsibility and recognition. We understand progress involves a balance of environmental preserve, social responsibility and economic growth and we strive to actively ensure that we retain our end of sustainability to the world.

Preserving the Natural Resoruces

Consciously ensuring – Conservation of water, reducing waste, managing energy consumption

Developing a better tomorrow

Our attempt – Fair opportunities to all, developing new talent with opportunities, customer engagement

CSR Oriented

We are proud to be a part of Food for Less program. An active effort to give back to the society as our contribution to CSR.